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Anodizing and Finishing

Anodizing enhances the use of aluminum as a lightweight and attractive manufacturing component, while extending its life. Anodizing is a process which thickens the natural oxide film resulting in a heavy aluminum oxide film of controlled thickness, which protects and increases surface hardness.

The quality of finished aluminum extrusions and anodized products is a combined function of knowledge, experience and capability of the people and equipment used. To achieve first class extrusions and anodized finishes, the highest quality aluminum and press practices are applied to maintain the tightest chemical and electrical controls in state-of-the-art technologically aluminum extrusion and anodizing industrial facilities with years of combined metallurgical, chemical and anodizing experience.

We provide many different aluminum anodizing and special finishes. These processes enhance conductivity, aid in corrosion resistance, and are visually appealing. More customized finishes are available.

In-House Finishing Services:
   Clear anodizing (Class 1)
   Hard anodizing (Hardcoat Mil-A-8625 Type III)
   Black anodizing (Class 2)
   Teflon coating
   Mechanical finishes (brushing, polishing, etc.)
   Clear chromate finish (Mil-C-5541)
   Gold chromate finish (Mil-C-5541)
   Satin (Type II)

Off-Site Finishing Services:
   Bright Dip
   Powder Coating
   Film coating

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