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We offer a full range of solutions in extrusions that will meet or surpass your individual requirements. Our service starts with expertise in understanding your needs and extends to advanced quality systems that will assure your requirements are met. Our commitment to your success is something you will not find anywhere else in the aluminum industry. The aluminum extrusion process actually augments the properties of aluminum, because it allows the creation of a final end product that is stronger and more resilient than components that must be assembled. It allows for the fabrication of products to various specifications and sizes, while being flexible enough to allow for design alterations, augmentations and additions. The process also facilitates cost-efficiency of the use of aluminum, as it creates finished products that are either complete as a unit or can interlock or join with other strong metallic parts.

This process allows designers and engineers freedom to create aluminum products in complex and intricate shapes, since the end product can be extruded as a final piece instead of requiring multiple ones that must be assembled. The extrusion process also creates a natural finish - a thin layer of aluminum oxide - that forms on the surface of the metal as a result of the process. This naturally resilient and attractive finish can be improved with additional beautifying and weather-resistant finishes.

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